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Photo by Venus Bernardo

Photo by Venus Bernardo

The Los Angeles Sentinel | December 25, 2014

Morrison pens inspirational book

Written by Tonya E. Durrell (Contributing Writer)

First-time author, TaVon Morrison lends readers powerful, God-inspired insight and words of encouragement in a new book—“Just A Thought: Inspirational Notes to Challenge Your Thinking and Change your Perspective.”

Friends and family members celebrated the author’s success at her church, Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church—Los Angeles on December 14. The book signing drew over 100 people, including Mount Sinai’s pastor-teacher, the Rev. George E. Hurtt, and the author’s uncle, Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.

Hurtt and Thomas gave heart-felt endorsement of Morrison’s work. A second book signing was held December 20 at Word of Life Christian Bookstore in Los Angeles.  Read more here

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